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Tom Bayerle - Lakeview Solutions - heating, air conditioningTom Bayerle, President of Lakeview Solutions Inc., has been fortunate to have experience in the design, install, and service of many systems and equipment in the HVAC industry. He understands the engineering standards and mathematical formulas necessary to ensure systems are operating properly and efficiently. Heating, cooling, and ventilation are what his educational background is, and what he has done throughout his career. Rest assured, he is the one you want to have design, install, or service your systems.

Heavy Commercial:
The two Minneapolis buildings that you see pictured on the “Commercial” tab are buildings that Tom has operated and been responsible for. He started out his Facilities Engineering career in Wells Fargo Center, where he was an Operating Engineer.

He was instrumental in the commissioning and startup of Fifty South Sixth, where he was the Assistant Engineering Manager. Responsibilities included: management of the engineering team, preventive maintenance for all base-building heating and cooling equipment, automation systems, equipment upgrades and efficiency testing.

Light Commercial:
Tom transitioned to the light commercial HVAC industry as a Lead Installer and Supervisor of commercial Installers in northwestern Wisconsin. This included all heating, cooling and ventilation equipment that is utilized in light commercial applications. For example: rooftop units, power roof ventilators, kitchen hoods, and many others.

As an inside sales and technical support person, Tom has designed, installed and serviced many residential sytems including: geothermal, in-floor heating, forced-air heating/cooling, exhaust and heat recovery systems, mini-split ductless, etc. He understands, and has performed, building load calculations, payback analysis, annual utility reduction calculations, etc.

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